Are you looking for a photography competition that would be


Don’t look any further because only Captain Focus has it all.

best photography competition


Earn points, credits, awards and prizes not only for being a good photographer but also a good judge.
Good and responsible voting matters.

Captain Focus Photo Contests Online
  • eye pleasing dark style photo competition website with 80’s retro touch
  • new photo challenges every week
  • each regular contest lasts 2 weeks
  • in first week choose any active photo contest and upload your photos
  • in second week browse through photos in a competition, select up to 50 best pictures and when ready use your 100 votes to give either 1,2,3,4 or 5 votes to those selected photos
  • more votes you bet, more points you can earn if the voted photo ends up high
  • get results and rewards at the end of the second week
  • keep active for better chance to make it up to the top of the scoreboard

Captain Focus provides you with just enough contests to choose from but not too many to create a mess.
Quality over quantity.


best photo competition
  • NO pressure and no need to keep your exposure up or to boost it. Our programming scripts are doing their best to keep SAME EXPOSURE FOR ALL PHOTOS in a battle if uploaded during UPLOAD week..
  • NO blind voting and clicking on whatever photos.  We prefer QUALITY and thus we REWARD good voters.
  • NO tricks like waiting for the right time to upload or the right time to vote to achieve higher score. 
  • NO pay to win. Our basic games are FREE and if you are interested in earning financial prizes you are welcome to do so in our EXCLUSIVE contests. Results from exclusive contests have no impact on scoreboards.
  • No subscriptions, following, groups etc.
  • To avoid problems, Top 100 photos in every contest are examined by Captain Focus team before we release the official results.
  • If the game is FREE, where’s the catch?
    Yes, it is totally possible to win our photo contest, get badges or make it up to the top of our leaderboards without ever spending a dime. Fair and square for everybody. However developing, maintaining, hosting and administration of such a website comes with a cost of course. We hope to get resources for this purpose through exclusive contests and by giving you the option to buy extra credit packages to improve your chances for high scores. For example, on top of using your your FREE photo upload slots, you can use credits to unlock more slots in case you have, let’s say, 7 awesome photos suitable for that particular challenge etc.
  • Get 35 FREE credits just for signing up and use them as you like. Credits are valid for both free and exclusive photo contests. If you only have 2 suitable photos for our regular contest have no worries, that’s all you need, because we calculate points achieved by your two best photos in a contest. If you only have one but really perfect shot for the photo challenge it’s still worth entering because it might be a winner and that comes with a lot’s of points plus credits.
  • In other photo competitions there is only the winner or first three places being rewarded with prize money or valuable gifts.
    In Captain Focus exclusive contests we can reward more photographers in top positions considering there are enough resources accumulated in a pool. More photo contestants, more resources. You can enter exclusive contest by using credits.
    For better flexibility, prizes are decided individually for each exclusive contest on the fly.

Captain Focus free photo competition was created as a long term photography game.
There are 3 main goals to achieve.


1.) Get your name on the “Best of 10” Leaderboard

Why is it called Best of 10? Because there are scores from your best 10 contests put together. For example if you competed in 42 contests, you would have achieved some score in each of them, so we take your scores from 10 contests where you were most successful and put them together to get final number. This number will stay without change unless you get more points in some of you next contests.
Example: Your best 10 scores would be 1300, 1250, 1200, 1110, 1030, 1000, 960, 955, 940, 900.  That makes your total score for your best ten photo battles equal 10645 points. Now in your next photo challenge if you reach score higher than  900, let’s say 950, then your lowest score in top 10, which is 900, would be replaced by 950 changing your new total to 10695 points and your new lowest number to beat would be 940 etc.

There are three Best of 10 leaderboards and they are for VOTING, for PHOTOGRAPH and TOTAL (voting and photo combined together). What is awesome about this system is that you will never lose your score even if you stop competing for a while and also it does not matter when you start competing, because to make it to the top all you need is 10 perfect contests 🙂


2.) Win a photo contest

Winning at least one photography challenge might be an ultimate satisfaction for most photographers. You would get high score, credits, you would be featured on our website, your photo would be visible on past contests winners card and our Instagram etc. However winner can be only one and we believe that while being best one in between 100 feels awesome, being in top 10 in 1000 photographers crowd or being in top 100 in 10000 people competition is equally as good and also it will be nicely rewarded when it comes to points and credits. Stay active and keep shooting those awesome pictures because in a crowd of many participants there is more than just one winner, right? Good luck!


3.) Get some of our Achievement Badges

There are plenty of various Achievement badges to obtain. Some for uploading more photos, some for voting, photography, combined, some are special and we also have Captain Focus awards that our team can give to randomly selected pictures. Some of the awards come with extra credits for you. Good example is “High 5” that comes with 25 credits 🙂
While there are many of them to get quite easy, there are also HARD TO GET awards that many of you can try as a challenge. For example our BOSS award requires you to win both 1st and 2nd place in the same battle…. not an easy task!

Full list of achievements (awards) with explanation can be found HERE.


Compare your photography skills against the rest of the world. Find inspiration in those “cool shots”, try new photo challenges and enjoy the beauty of the winning pictures.
Respect all, vote for the best!

Sign up now and receive 35 credits!